Avoiding and resisting propaganda.

Avoiding propaganda: People in society are actively discouraged from trying to find out the truth. To avoid propaganda, one has to work. It takes a lot of time to discover the truth. It costs far more energy to debunk propaganda, than to produce propaganda. There is no escape. All information about the society one lives in is tainted by propaganda and disinformation. It forms a thick fog that makes the truth almost invisible. Moreover, people who question the propaganda openly are marginalised. To doubt or criticise openly the official propaganda is a very bad career move. Most people adjust and self-censure. They are willfully in denial and accept the propaganda as being a form of information. It is far more convenient and simpler to just believe the propaganda.

Education: Education is supposed to help people understand society. Without learning to think critically, education becomes more like indoctrination.

Free press: To obtain true information about how society functions a free and independent press is required. Sooner or later a free press becomes captured by the elites. Then it is used to propagandise the actions of the authorities.

Independent thinking: Propaganda is required to stop and prevent independent thinking. It is a form of continuous pressure. It requires effort to unmask propaganda.