This is the backside of time.html

This is the backside of the webpage time.html.

In general, there is not much to see on the back of an ordinary web page.

Usually people do not provide links to the backside of webpages on the internet.

Therefore they are difficult to find.

I decided to provide such a link.

So you can see that the backside of a web page is just like an ordinary page.

Every web page has a back side.

Some pictures of backsides of well-known pages can be found here. No links are given.

So there are twice as much pages on the internet, than there are web pages.

Just as the universe consists largely of dark matter, that cannot be seen,

the internet is twice as large than most people think.

It also gives me space to put some things that did not fit onto the frontside of the page on the internet.

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